Gossip Up! – 2

Gossip Up!
Jessica Simpsons Breasts Start the Week
Britney Spears Decides To Wear Panties
Boy George Accussed of Kidnapping
Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, & Skinny Jeans
Tom & Katie’s Dinner with Brooke Shields
David Beckham Offsets All Victoria’s Wrongs
Lindsay Lohan Tries the Suspender Look, Fails
Penelope Cruz is a Drunk, Hot, B-Day Mess
Best Soccer Freestyler In The World
Little Kid Loves Britney, in Private
Paula Abdul Tries To Speak On QVC
Rage Against the Machine at Coachella
Rose McGowan Heats Up Hollywood Party
Jessica Alba Looks Totally Fantastic
Daryl Hannah To Adopt a US Child
Carmen Electra FHM Mag Pics (nsfw)
Jack Osbourne Parties The Nights Away
Are JC Chasez And Lance Bass ‘N’ Sync?’
Heather Mills To Get $50 Million Pay Off
Alec Baldwin in “Over the Edge”
Sanjaya’s Mom Busted For Pot
Kurt Cobain Garage Sale!
Roseanne the New Rosie?

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