Star Dirt

Star Dirt
2007 Kids’ Choice Awards Mega Gallery!
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Likes To Be Watched
Carrie Underwood Hates Dying Children
Tara Reid’s Bikini Cannot Hold Her Breasts
Sep at Birth: Justin Timberlake & Joe Camel
Victoria Beckham Shows Off Her Big Poles
Avril Lavigne Trashes Britney Spears
Halle Berry Admits to Smoking Weed
“Penny on the Track” Is So Awesome
Half-Assed Attempt at Showing Ass
Hilary Duff Has an Eating Disorder?
Michelle Rodriguez in a Bikini (nsfw)
Liz Hurley Has The Best Body In Britain
Jennifer Aniston has a Fancy New Man
Why is Nicole Richie Famous, Anyone?
Howard K Stern Definitely Not the Father
The Return of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
Lohan and Kimbo Wear Matching Outfits
Cameron Diaz Looking Cute in Hawaii
Lindsay Lohan Avoids Paris Hilton
Dominique Swain’s Panty Upskirt
Birkhead and His Bitter Lawyer
Michelle Branch has a Stalker
Britney Spears Is Whacky
Weekend Box Office Glory
Clay Aiken and his Beard
Year of The Dog Rocks
Muppet Faces of Death
Nelly Flies Like A Bird
Fergie Was a Lesbian
Sanjaya Starver
Player Hater
Good Crap

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