Boycott the Olsen Twins, Furry Bitches

Boycott the Olsen Twins, Furry Bitches
Despite requests for them to stop, the Olsen Twins continue to be walking billboards for the fur industry. Almost like they’re saying “the more you talk about our fur the more kittens we’ll kill“…


Their flagrant fur promotion after tons of bad press is disgusting. They even post photos of themselves hitting fashion shows in fur on their blog that’s consumed by millions of fans, ass-wipes.

Hey Ashley, nice crush on conservationist Leonardo Decaprio. We’re sure he loves women in fur!

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US Weekly asked… “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designed a t-shirt for sale at Barney’s that costs $175. Would you buy it?” And everyone’s like NO! Designing Twins so much for their fashion aspirations!

May the Evil Twins be reincarnated as animals on a fur farm…

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The Olsen twins love fur
Fur coat? Check. Leggings? Check.
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