The Bjork Fight

The Bjork Fight
In 1996, while walking through an airport, the signer Bjork attacked and beat down a reporter. Check out this video as the sweet faced Bjork unleashes her fists-of-fury madness!


We found many, like us, hadn’t heard about this unbelieveable event. More on the fight and the urban legend that’s followed it below.

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A crazy (and inaccurate) urban legend followed this story for many years – from Wikipedia

Björk has complained of being hounded by paparazzi and in 1996 two separate incidents brought media attention. First, after a long flight to Thailand an exhausted Björk emerged from her aircraft at Don Muang Airport with her then ten-year-old son to find a group of journalists and cameramen waiting to greet her. When one reporter greeted Björk by saying, “Welcome to Bangkok,” Björk attacked her and landed several blows before the melee was broken up. Björk even tried to go back and continue attacking the woman, but was helped onto a bus. Björk claimed that this reporter stuck a microphone in her son’s face, prompting her to attack, though many have said that there is no evidence of this on tape. [18]. Her record label said the reporter had been pestering her for four days. Björk later called the reporter and apologized, and the reporter declined to press charges against her.

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