Daily Dirt – 2

Daily Dirt
Jennifer Love Hewitt Takes Out Her Massive Rack
A New Addition To Bobby Brown’s Arrest Record
Jenna Jameson Is Almost All Breasts & No Face
Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend Music Video
Is Jessica Biel Dating Ryan Reynolds?
Drew Barrymore Still Jonze-ing for Spike
Keira Knightley Needs Your Nourishment
Ryan Phillipe Out with the Brats
Paris Hilton Hates the Kinkajous
SNL’s White Possum Scream
Mariah Carey Wants Her Own Baby
Cecilia Bolocco’s See-Through Dress
Women of The 70’s Vs. Women Today
John Waters’ Till Death Us Do Part
Happy Birthday Bernadette Peters
Daniel Baldwin’s On Britney’s Wagon
Cameron Diaz’s Project Runway Reject
Uma Thurman Returns To Her Roots
Jake Gyllenhaal Brings Heat to TRL
Diddy Sucker Punches A Dude
The Disabled Hate Heather Mills
K-Fed Looks Like A Skanky Bum
Beautiful Aerial Photography
The Secret Merit Badge
The Crazy Spears Doll
Eddie Murphy Is Sad
Ellen DeGeneres Love
Gay or Special?
Useless Junk

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