Paris Hilton’s Ass Backwards Upskirt

Paris Hilton’s Ass Backwards Upskirt
Man, Paris Hilton can’t even get her upskirts right. Watch her expose her ass to the paparazzi to get some extra attention…


As she gets closer to the water it appears she pulls her bikini up to expose her butt. Could the ass goiters and butt flaps have been intended all along? She should leave the ass shots to Jessica Biel. Check out FunDumper’s complete set with giant pics!

Paris’s cooch looks like “pounded meat”
Tina Fey Calls Paris Hilton a “piece of shit”!
Paris’s upskirt brings her downfall
The ass-flash tour of terror
Paris Hilton’s weed is crap
Nipple slip gross out

Gratuitous close up below…


Photos via the FunDumper!

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