What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking?
From People Magazine comes one of our favorite year end round-ups from 2006’s – Top 5 What Were They Thinking? Moments!


More “What Were They Thinking?” fashion moments…
Britney Spears with no bra, sweats, greasy hair and zits
What the Fukc Award goes to Alanis Morissette
Mary-Kate Olsen dresses as Shirley MacLaine
Drew Barrymore bounces back in style
Matthew McConaughey’s moose knuckle
Lindsay Lohan’s fashion ass-tastrophe
Hey Stephen Baldwin, fake tan much?
Katie Holmes’ peak-a-boo nursing bra
Kirsten Dunst brings on the fug
Babs flaunts her droopy boobs
Madonna’s pimp suit

CREDIT: Luisa Johns/Photokinetic, Jackson Lee/Admedia & Wasman-Volpe-Leo/X17

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