Star Burst – 5

Star Burst
Shania Twain Is Back, Breasts And All!
Has Mel Gibson Gotten More Racist?
Scientology Wants Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Simpson & Luke Wilson Doing It
Janet Jackson’s Bangin’ Bangs!
Paris Hilton’s Bikini Waxer On Her Puss
Buzzsugar Is Coming, Get On The List!
Prison Break Star Buys Booze For Teens
Annoying “Price Is Right” Contestants
K-Fed & The Dumbest Press Release Ever
Did This Chick Have Sex With Vince Vaughn?
Kim Kardashian & Her Lesbian Bitches
Armed and Famous Reality TV Show?
Tyra Banks Brings Her Sexy Back
Buddy Says Vote For Winston
Britney Vajayjay Jokes
If They Mated… (hilarious)
Adrianne Curry Fixed Her Boobs
The Bachelor Chose A Cheater
Whore Caught in the Headlights
WTF Is Up With Beyonce’s Face?
Rebecca Romijn Joins Ugly Betty
Matthew McConaughey Cries On Oprah
Dolly Parton Still Loves Jessica Simpson
Stuff From Tori Spelling’s Garage Sale
Smells Like Gwen Stefani
Wesley Snipes Arrested
Scary Spice Is Sad
Ass Cream For Eyes
Applebee’s Ass Rap
Movie Trailer Time
New Film Tips
Just Watch
Other Crap

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