Jared Leto keywords: talentless loser

Jared Leto keywords: talentless loser
Throw these on the list too… pretentious, tacky, asshole, douche – he answers to them all. More info and photos have emerged from Jared Leto’s attack on Elijah Wood


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A crazy-eyed Jared attacks Elijah and dirt on the fight below!…


“Actually, i heard the conversation also: Jared said verbatim to Elijah ‘I work my fucking ass off just like you do! If you have something to say to me, say it now!’ Elijah kept saying alright man, calm down man, etc… And then the Stereogum blog guy got forcibly removed by security a few minutes later while Elijah’s girl friend was yelling at someone that Jared had just been there and had Elijah around the neck. Pretty wild scene overall.”

From a comment in When Jared Leto attacks (Elijah Wood)

Photos via Brooklyn Vegan

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