Celebritous scandalous

Celebritous scandalous
- Michael Jackson Likes Leprechauns
- Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton Break Up
- Fergie and Her Hairy Armpits, Yikes
- Madonna Wants to Adopt Twins
- The Nicole Richie Tribe Invasion
- Kate Moss Is Going To Marry Pete Doherty
- Jessica Simpson Is Going to Hurl
- George Michael Blows George Bush
- Lindsay’s dad writes like 12-year-old girl
- Breaking: New Project Runway Scandal
- Christina Aguilera Does Jane Magazine
- Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Day Afternoon
- Does Kate Hudson Have Six Toes?
- Marisa Tomei’s See Through Nips
- Carnie Wilson is a fun train wreck
- Kirstie Alley is a big mean jerk
- Pharrel is a Lucky Bastard
- We Need More Maggie Q
- Elisha Cuthbert’s Strut Outtakes
- Hot dirt from the horses mouths
- Bag made from floppy disks
- Zipped gossip links
- MacGyver’s bong

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