Celebritous scandalous

Celebritous scandalous
Michael Jackson Likes Leprechauns
Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton Break Up
Fergie and Her Hairy Armpits, Yikes
Madonna Wants to Adopt Twins
The Nicole Richie Tribe Invasion
Kate Moss Is Going To Marry Pete Doherty
Jessica Simpson Is Going to Hurl
George Michael Blows George Bush
Lindsay’s dad writes like 12-year-old girl
Breaking: New Project Runway Scandal
Christina Aguilera Does Jane Magazine
Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Day Afternoon
Does Kate Hudson Have Six Toes?
Marisa Tomei’s See Through Nips
Carnie Wilson is a fun train wreck
Kirstie Alley is a big mean jerk
Pharrel is a Lucky Bastard
We Need More Maggie Q
Elisha Cuthbert’s Strut Outtakes
Hot dirt from the horses mouths
Bag made from floppy disks
Zipped gossip links
MacGyver’s bong

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