Angelina Jolie’s art purchases

Angelina Jolie’s art purchases
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently attended a show for the artist Banksy, and Ang snagged a few choice pieces. We’re big fans of Banksy’s work and thought you might enjoy seeing the interesting mix Angelina purchased…



More on the art work and a shot of the piece Angelina told Brad she “must have” below!…


More info from TittleTattle

A $226,000 painting – titled “Picnic” – depicts a white family of four merrily lunching under an umbrella on a red checked blanket while 15 starving Africans – including several children with distended bellies – look on.

A $75,000 purchase – a white bust with a bleeding bullet hole in the forehead – was a particular favorite of Jolie’s. “She went nuts for that one,” an onlooker told the mag. “She told [her baby daddy], ‘I must have that one.'”

For another cool $75,000, she picked up a portrait of a man hit in the head with a custard pie.’

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Art by Banksy. Photos via Supertouch

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