Rare, stinky and it’s about to blow

Rare, stinky and it’s about to blow
The rare titan arum also know as the “corpse flower”, has begun blooming at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! The Amorphophallus titanum is one of the world’s most remarkable plants, known for “its huge, triffid-like flower head and equally impressive foul smell“.


Grows about 1/8 inch every hour! Check out the blog, photos and webcam – “All the fun, none of the stink!” It peaks next week.

Vegas flora show
Obligatory summer flower shot
Why do you think they call it “weed”?

A great shot caught off the webcam of a kid holding his nose below…


“It flowers only rarely in cultivation. The appearance of its singular four- to six-foot-tall flower head at a botanic garden is always an event. Notable not only for the stature of its bloom, the well-named corpse flower also produces a revolting stench of putrefaction.”

The plant has been nicknamed “Baby”

Thanks for the tip Deb!

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