Mel Gibson, poorly defended

Mel Gibson, poorly defended
Some very lame rationalisations are being given on behalf of Mel Gibson by his Hollywood friends. Leading the pack are Jodie Foster and Patrick Swayze. Their message seems to be outrage at the public for not understanding that people say dumb things when they’re drunk.


An interesting discussion on the topic is going on at Just Jared. Great comment from The Accused… “‘I don’t hate gays, I just call them the “F” word when I am drunk.’ Oh, please Jodie, you’re a smart girl and this excuse is garbage. I have gotten drunk many a times and I NEVER shouted racial slurs.”

More poignant comments below.

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Trixie nails it with this:
“Mel Gibson didn’t apologize for anything he said. His publicist issued two statements in his name. That’s not the same thing as a personal and public apology coming from Mel’s own lips. Jodie should not have apologized for him either.”

More from The Accused:
I have gotten drunk many a times and I NEVER shouted racial slurs. It is not in my conscience.

People are what they say. Words are powerful. If you make anti-Jewish comments, I don’t care how drunk, you have acted in an anti-Jewish manner. Period.”

Catch all the comments at JustJared!

Jodie Foster giving the finger from HollywoodRag – more fun photos there.

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