Lindsay Lohan boyfriend application

Lindsay Lohan boyfriend application
Dean Brooks from CollegeHumor wants to be Lindsay’s boyfriend, and he’s got some good reasons why she should give him a chance… “Threesomes are cool with me. You think if I catch you sucking face with Eva Longoria in a Cognac-induced haze I’m going to interrupt with a scolding?”… Dear Lindsay Lohan, I Should Be Your Boyfriend


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And we loved this CollegeHumor piece by Mindy Raf…
How I Convinced Two Girls to Masturbate

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“‘Decency’—isn’t that a bridge in Budapest? – While the paparazzi snap pics and the decent folks gasp as you somersault off the hood of your Bentley naked as a jaybird, I’ll be standing there with cocked thumb and grin announcing, ‘That’s my Lohie!'”

“Lindsay Lohan, I am so there for you.”


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