Fresh dirt – 25

Fresh dirt
- Brangelina Sleeping in Separate Beds
- Britney Spears is Scary Beautiful
- Ashlee Simpson’s Panty Slip Pictures
- Unflattering Jessica Simpson Pictures
- Jennifer Aniston’s Puppy Love
- J.Lo won’t work with John Travolta
- Madonna Writes a Note For Mel Gibson
- A Friendly Note to Tori Spelling
- Keanu Reeves is uncomfortable at the beach
- Another one bites the dust
- Teri Hatcher Making Michael Jackson Faces
- Natalie Portman Might Play a Hooker
- Kirk, the captain of bloated celebrities
- Lindsay Lohan is working hard again
- Vanessa Minnillo Parties At Pure In Vegas
- Julia Roberts: Pretty Women or Pretty Dumpy?
- The full length Borat trailer is here!
- JetBlue’s Snakes on a Plane Sale
- The Girls of Dead or Alive
- Eva Longoria Is a Bad Influence
- Mr. Hollywood

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