Fresh dirt – 25

Fresh dirt
Brangelina Sleeping in Separate Beds
Britney Spears is Scary Beautiful
Ashlee Simpson’s Panty Slip Pictures
Unflattering Jessica Simpson Pictures
Jennifer Aniston’s Puppy Love
J.Lo won’t work with John Travolta
Madonna Writes a Note For Mel Gibson
A Friendly Note to Tori Spelling
Keanu Reeves is uncomfortable at the beach
Another one bites the dust
Teri Hatcher Making Michael Jackson Faces
Natalie Portman Might Play a Hooker
Kirk, the captain of bloated celebrities
Lindsay Lohan is working hard again
Vanessa Minnillo Parties At Pure In Vegas
Julia Roberts: Pretty Women or Pretty Dumpy?
The full length Borat trailer is here!
JetBlue’s Snakes on a Plane Sale
The Girls of Dead or Alive
Eva Longoria Is a Bad Influence
Mr. Hollywood

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