Elijah Blue shares about Cher

Elijah Blue shares about Cher


Cher’s son (with Gregg Allman), Elijah Blue was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday and had some fabulous dirt on Cher, his life and Hollywood friends. Some highlights…

- Cher dated Tom Cruise during his “Top Gun” days. Elijah said Tom was a different person back then, explaining he wasn’t a scientologist, and even introduced him to the group T-Rex.

- Elijah said he had sex with Paris Hilton, and added some wild details to the story, more below.

- Elijah proceeded to call Paris “a sweet girl” while also claiming he wasn’t that interested in her, especially after they had sex. Elijah next said, because he and Paris didn’t use protection when they were together, he ended up using Tilex to clean himself off when they were done in order to avoid contracting any possible diseases from her. Elijah also acknowledged he was with Nicole Richie.

- He went on to note he became friends with Val Kilmer when he was dating Cher, and acknowledged Val once gave him a human scalp as a gift.

- Elijah revealed that Cher made him go to rehab to kick a heroin addiction, despite the fact that the intervention she held for him wasn’t that effective seeing as he thought most of the people there were on drugs themselves.

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