Delta blues

Delta blues
A year later and so many Katrina victims still need help, homes and their lives restored. Please do not forget Bush and his administration’s unacceptably slow response to the crisis. This timeline shows how the events unfolded and Bush’s disgraceful and uncaring actions as thousands of Americans were fighting to stay alive (barely assisted).


Michael Simon’s incredible photos: Notes From The South

The Red Cross continues to provide all kinds of assistance and needs our support. Also many animals still need our help.

Remembering Katrina:
Getting to the hardest hit areas and people
The animals effected by Katrina
Katrina: hope and inspiration
Images captured on Flickr
Help and hindrance


Joyous and totally heartmelting video of a dog named Cheddar reunited with his family

Operation Eden: An excellent personal chronicle of what hurricane Katrina has done to proud people

Bush and his administration must be held accountable for failing the storm victims.

Photos via Michael Simon

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