Deep in the heart of global warming

Deep in the heart of global warming
This is so alarming. At the same time scientists are escalating warnings that we MUST change our ways and curb global warming, an energy company in Texas is proposing to build 11 new highly polluting coal-fired power plants. Exactly what we should not be doing!


The mammoth, energy company called TXU plans to build 11 new pulverized-coal power plants in Texas. Texas is the nation’s largest carbon dioxide polluter and TXU’s plans will make this dramatically worse. The new plants would emit 78 million tons of CO2 pollution per year. Building these plants will undermine the efforts of all other states across the nation to reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming. More info here. Please sign the petition to stop the plants!

- Six Steps to Cut Global Warming Pollution
Global warming is real and underway
If Mars Had Beaches photo via Rebekka

Nation’s top climate scientists give Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth five stars for accuracy

Greenhouse gases are produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the worst offeders in the greenhouse effect. The 1990’s were the hottest decade in history.

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