David Hasselhoff vs. Regis Philbin cat fight!

David Hasselhoff vs. Regis Philbin cat fight!
On the Howard Stern show yesterday, Mike Walker from the National Enquirer had a story about Regis hassling the Hoff! It turns out that David Hasselhoff and Regis Philbin have been fighting like cats and dogs behind the scenes of the show “America’s Got Talent.” They’ve even gone as far as to argue over who’s had worse bad plastic surgery. Which is crazy cuz they have matching, glossy, over-stretched faces…


Manly face-lifts…
Burt Reynolds
Robert Redford
Kenny Rogers
Howard Stern

One more Hasselhoff vs. Philbin comparison shot…


OMG Plasticized is reading our mind!… “When older men have cosmetic surgery that is not subtle, the result can be strange” – Regis Philbin under the knife

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