Celebrittata – 3

Jessica Simpson: “I Have Amazing Boobs”
Jenna Jameson And Dave Navarro Hook Up
Kathy Griffin gets love from the gays
Kate Bosworth pigs out on water and lettuce
Jodie Foster is Looking Fierce!
Christina Aguilera’s New Sexy Cover
Heidi Klum gets her hot bod back
Robin Williams Goes To Rehab!
Britney buys her baby a Cadillac Escalade
Sienna Miller is so NOT sexy
Is Paris and Nicole’s feud a hoax?
Buy Sting’s Tantric Sex Palace
Kate Beckinsale gets very lost in LA
Victoria Beckham phone home!
It’s Like Watching my Parents Make Out
Hugh Hefner wants Nicole for Playboy
Mischa Barton’s Pussy Uses the Phone
Lance Armstrong’s bad bar habits
Carmen Electra’s Freaky Friend
Tori Spelling screwed by her mom
Natalie Portman’s total eclipse of the heart
Sarah Michelle Gellar In The Return
Transformers Movie Clip

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