Celebrittata – 3

- Jessica Simpson: “I Have Amazing Boobs”
- Jenna Jameson And Dave Navarro Hook Up
- Kathy Griffin gets love from the gays
- Kate Bosworth pigs out on water and lettuce
- Jodie Foster is Looking Fierce!
- Christina Aguilera’s New Sexy Cover
- Heidi Klum gets her hot bod back
- Robin Williams Goes To Rehab!
- Britney buys her baby a Cadillac Escalade
- Sienna Miller is so NOT sexy
- Is Paris and Nicole’s feud a hoax?
- Buy Sting’s Tantric Sex Palace
- Kate Beckinsale gets very lost in LA
- Victoria Beckham phone home!
- It’s Like Watching my Parents Make Out
- Hugh Hefner wants Nicole for Playboy
- Mischa Barton’s Pussy Uses the Phone
- Lance Armstrong’s bad bar habits
- Carmen Electra’s Freaky Friend
- Tori Spelling screwed by her mom
- Natalie Portman’s total eclipse of the heart
- Sarah Michelle Gellar In The Return
- Transformers Movie Clip

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