Summer hotness

Summer hotness
Tara Reid looks almost decent in a bikini
Heidi Klum Is So Hot, She’s Illegal
Trouble in The Jones-Reynolds Household!
Lindsay Lohan’s Acne Worth Millions
Nicole Richie’s funkydelic head wrap
Jennifer Love Hewitt Stocks Up
Pimp Daddy Simpson still creepy
The Lifespan of the Party Girl!
Pamela Anderson’s Enormous Puffies
Adriana Lima & Ana Beatriz In Bikinis
Can you spot Suri’s baby carriage?
Peace in the (Miss) Universe
Salma Hayek nude screen caps (nsfw)
See Right Through Christina Aguilera
Kelly Ripa pops-a-wheelie
Mary-Kate Olsen’s Osteoporosis
Belinda Carlisle’s Birthday
Fun In The Sun With Kimora
Not Feeling Fergie
Paris Hilton is Humble
Jess the Mess
Run Katie, run

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