Luke Wilson is a player

Luke Wilson is a player
Owen Wilson usually gets the “ladies-man” attention, but Luke Wilson was on the Howard Stern Show this morning and had some hot stories. Highlights below… but we’ll tempt you with this great quote from Luke “date me for a year and a year and a half later you’ll be married” (to someone else). More after the jump.


The Howard Stern show gives good entertainment news…
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Luke jumped right in to playa tawk with Howard. He had a few Playboy Mansion stories including having been put on the DNA (Do Not Allow) list for sneaking in a friend by saying he was Owen.

He’s such a non-settle-down kinda guy that he sends women running for marriage after dating him. Noting Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin after their break up and Drew Barrymore quickly married Tom Green after his romance with her.


Via the Howard Stern Show

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