Late night gossip

Late night gossip
Typepad’s been down all day, sorry for the delay, here’s yer gossip!…
- Lindsay Lohan Blow Job Pictures!?
- Avril Lavigne Is A Short Model
- Michael Douglas’ Son Pees On His Back
- Pamela Anderson is Topless on a Boat Again
- Carnie Wilson Is Back With More Fat
- Lucy Liu has a whole new look
- Katie Holmes Needs To Take Out The Baby
- Claire Danes looks like the walking dead!
- Natalie Portman’s See Through Butt
- The Staunchly Hetero Dave Gest
- Vin Diesel Is Dating Mike Tyson?
- Amy Sedaris on The Colbert Report
- Lindsay Lohan drunk and high in Disneyland
- 11 year old just like Britney, cept she isn’t a whore
- 5 Things Axl Rose and Boy George Have in common
- Leo DiCaprio on a smoke break in NYC
- Rachael Ray really sucks

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