Late night gossip

Late night gossip
Typepad’s been down all day, sorry for the delay, here’s yer gossip!…
Lindsay Lohan Blow Job Pictures!?
Avril Lavigne Is A Short Model
Michael Douglas’ Son Pees On His Back
Pamela Anderson is Topless on a Boat Again
Carnie Wilson Is Back With More Fat
Lucy Liu has a whole new look
Katie Holmes Needs To Take Out The Baby
Claire Danes looks like the walking dead!
Natalie Portman’s See Through Butt
The Staunchly Hetero Dave Gest
Vin Diesel Is Dating Mike Tyson?
Amy Sedaris on The Colbert Report
Lindsay Lohan drunk and high in Disneyland
11 year old just like Britney, cept she isn’t a whore
5 Things Axl Rose and Boy George Have in common
Leo DiCaprio on a smoke break in NYC
Rachael Ray really sucks

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