Gossip gone wild

Gossip gone wild
Lance Bass Comes Out of the Closet
Madonna Is Picky About Toilets
Uma Thurman Can’t Get a Date
Elisha Cuthbert Won’t Pose Nude
Have Fergie’s Humps Been Dumped?
Lindsay Lohan is back in the hospital
Britney Spears To Cut Down on Cheetos
Ashlee Simpson is starting to scare us
Parasite Hilton Blows Rod Stewart
Courtney Cox Plays Tennis
Most see-through top ever (nsfw)
Crispin Glover’s one creepy dude
Karolina Kurkova in weird lingerie
Denise Richards’ Strange Bikini Shots
Brittany Murphy looking green & sexy
Tori Spelling left to beg on the streets
TV Chefs Caught in the Act
Elisha Cuthbert Still Not Naked
Lisa Kudrow has fake boobs, right?
Beyonce is really pretty
Free to Be You and Me
Zipped Celeb Links

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