Gossip gone wild

Gossip gone wild
- Lance Bass Comes Out of the Closet
- Madonna Is Picky About Toilets
- Uma Thurman Can’t Get a Date
- Elisha Cuthbert Won’t Pose Nude
- Have Fergie’s Humps Been Dumped?
- Lindsay Lohan is back in the hospital
- Britney Spears To Cut Down on Cheetos
- Ashlee Simpson is starting to scare us
- Parasite Hilton Blows Rod Stewart
- Courtney Cox Plays Tennis
- Most see-through top ever (nsfw)
- Crispin Glover’s one creepy dude
- Karolina Kurkova in weird lingerie
- Denise Richards’ Strange Bikini Shots
- Brittany Murphy looking green & sexy
- Tori Spelling left to beg on the streets
- TV Chefs Caught in the Act
- Elisha Cuthbert Still Not Naked
- Lisa Kudrow has fake boobs, right?
- Beyonce is really pretty
- Free to Be You and Me
- Zipped Celeb Links

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