Buckley’s story

Buckley’s story
A reader sent us a wonderful and touching email about Buddy‘s influence in adopting an older dog. The dog they adopted, Buckley, had been at the shelter for 9 years!…


Read Buckley’s heartmelting rescue story below!…

“I looked at petfinder and found the Elmsford Animal Shelter . I wanted an older dog that was medium sized or smaller. Other then that I had no other preference…. low and behold I went to the Senior Dog Pen and I found this dog that was so sad he wasn’t barking and didn’t even care that the whole pound was barking. I quickly noticed him and took him for a walk and we fell in love….well I fell in love he was just so happy to be out. On March 17th I got Buckley and I was thinking today about how lucky I am to have him. When I adopted Buckley I found out that he had been in the shelter for 9 years! I am so happy that I found him. Buckley is about 10 or 12 years old and he literally acts like a puppy! He also likes to eat lots of dirt like Buddy. Buddy made my heart open and I sort of think that I fell in love with Buddy so much that the universe sent me one that looks like him, in his own original way.”

The Elmsford Animal Shelter in Westchester, NY is a true no kill shelter as you can see from Buckley’s story! They have around 600 dogs and 800 cats and various small creatures. Please consider them for your next pet adoption or help support them with a donation!


Happy dogs are here again

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