Star magic – 5

Star magic
- Madonna’s Hands Are Very Very Scary
- The Spider-Man 3 Trailer Is Awesome!
- Scarlett Johansson is Sexually Overwhelming
- Eva Longoria Runs Around In Boys Socks
- Nip/Tuck Nabs Richard Chamberlain
- Jessica Simpson is White Hot in NYC
- Hollywood’s Most Coveted Role: Lucy Ewing
- Star Jones is a bug-eyed goldfish
- Nobody Puts Barbara In a Corner
- Guess Who Vivica Fox Looks Like…
- Jessica Alba Undresses
- This makes us want a beer
- Jessica Biel can multi-task
- PR For Anne Hathaway’s Breasts
- Justin is still bitter towards Britney
- Anderson Cooper Is Too Good Looking
- Halle Berry cheated on 27 times
- Kate Bosworth As Lois Lane
- Another Pamela Anderson Whore Moment
- I Just Threw Up In My Soul a Little
- Boy George to work for Sanitation Dept
- Tori’s mom is mean
- Out-Divaing the Divas
- Hypnotic and soulful tunes
- Consume less, think more
- Shaaaark!

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