Star magic – 5

Star magic
Madonna’s Hands Are Very Very Scary
The Spider-Man 3 Trailer Is Awesome!
Scarlett Johansson is Sexually Overwhelming
Eva Longoria Runs Around In Boys Socks
Nip/Tuck Nabs Richard Chamberlain
Jessica Simpson is White Hot in NYC
Hollywood’s Most Coveted Role: Lucy Ewing
Star Jones is a bug-eyed goldfish
Nobody Puts Barbara In a Corner
Guess Who Vivica Fox Looks Like…
Jessica Alba Undresses
This makes us want a beer
Jessica Biel can multi-task
PR For Anne Hathaway’s Breasts
Justin is still bitter towards Britney
Anderson Cooper Is Too Good Looking
Halle Berry cheated on 27 times
Kate Bosworth As Lois Lane
Another Pamela Anderson Whore Moment
I Just Threw Up In My Soul a Little
Boy George to work for Sanitation Dept
Tori’s mom is mean
Out-Divaing the Divas
Hypnotic and soulful tunes
Consume less, think more

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