Load of dirt

Load of dirt
Brittany Murphy’s Sad Attempt To Wink
The Beckham’s Pre Extreme Makeover Pics
Salma Hayek’s Boobs Should Win Every Award
Scarlett Johansson Boobs Are Steep Competition
So You Think You Can Dance Top 20
Don’t Get Mariah Carey Wet, She’ll Melt!
Drew Barrymore & dog on the streets of NYC
Hilary Duff is turning into a straight-up MAN
Paris Hilton commits a hit and run!
Linda Evangelista In Ugliest Dress Ever
The Full House career pyramid, awesome!
Dave Navarro Is Too Busy for Kids
Madonna disses Britney over the Kaballah
Halle Berry’s public display of affection
Charlize Theron Wants X-Ray Vision
Lots and lots of photos of Shovel
Week in Craigslist: Go Team Freak
The Transformers: The Movie
Local TV commercials rule!
Ugly Celebrity Husbands
Meet The Plastics

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