Load of dirt

Load of dirt
- Brittany Murphy’s Sad Attempt To Wink
- The Beckham’s Pre Extreme Makeover Pics
- Salma Hayek’s Boobs Should Win Every Award
- Scarlett Johansson Boobs Are Steep Competition
- So You Think You Can Dance Top 20
- Don’t Get Mariah Carey Wet, She’ll Melt!
- Drew Barrymore & dog on the streets of NYC
- Hilary Duff is turning into a straight-up MAN
- Paris Hilton commits a hit and run!
- Linda Evangelista In Ugliest Dress Ever
- The Full House career pyramid, awesome!
- Dave Navarro Is Too Busy for Kids
- Madonna disses Britney over the Kaballah
- Halle Berry’s public display of affection
- Charlize Theron Wants X-Ray Vision
- Lots and lots of photos of Shovel
- Week in Craigslist: Go Team Freak
- The Transformers: The Movie
- Local TV commercials rule!
- Ugly Celebrity Husbands
- Meet The Plastics

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