Glamor & clamor

Glamor & clamor
The First Photo of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt?
Micha Barton Is Mean To Her Mom
Paris Hilton smokin weed smokin weed
Jessica Alba + Cupcakes = Deliciousness
Katherine McPhee’s 41 year old boyfriend, ew
Pimp Daddy Simpson’s favorite outfit
Scarlett Johansson Puts Away the Boobs
Janet Jackson gets her body back but ruins her face
Paris Breaks the Seat Belt Law — Eight Times
Cocaine Kate Moss & Jemima Khan Kiss
Top-secret memo from Oprah’s production company
Jaime Pressly & Nadine Velazquez In Arena
Deal or No Deal Starring Celine Dion
Sean Penn slams journalism
Kirstie Alley is Fat Again
Stephen Baldwin is an Idiot
Keanu Reeves: I want to get married
Jamie Kennedy and Mena Suvari
Bob Sagat & the meaning of 06-06-06
Depressing Snapple facts

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