Glamor & clamor

Glamor & clamor
- The First Photo of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt?
- Micha Barton Is Mean To Her Mom
- Paris Hilton smokin weed smokin weed
- Jessica Alba + Cupcakes = Deliciousness
- Katherine McPhee’s 41 year old boyfriend, ew
- Pimp Daddy Simpson’s favorite outfit
- Scarlett Johansson Puts Away the Boobs
- Janet Jackson gets her body back but ruins her face
- Paris Breaks the Seat Belt Law — Eight Times
- Cocaine Kate Moss & Jemima Khan Kiss
- Top-secret memo from Oprah’s production company
- Jaime Pressly & Nadine Velazquez In Arena
- Deal or No Deal Starring Celine Dion
- Sean Penn slams journalism
- Kirstie Alley is Fat Again
- Stephen Baldwin is an Idiot
- Keanu Reeves: I want to get married
- Jamie Kennedy and Mena Suvari
- Bob Sagat & the meaning of 06-06-06
- Depressing Snapple facts

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