Celeb crap

Celeb crap
Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are horrible
Colin Farrell Is In Love
Are Jessica Simpson and Jared Leto Dating?
Denise Richards Is One Scary Pussycat Doll
So You Think You Can Dance’s Hottie
Victoria Beckham Baked at Soccer Game
Britney Spears Breaks Down on Dateline
K-Fed’s Funk Is Back In Da House
Paris Hilton’s Gross Stuffed Panties
Charlie Sheen’s New Girlfriend!
Henry Rollins on Ann Coulter
Salma Hayek can date anyone she wants
Hollywoods Hottest Trend, Orange Women
Mariah Carey reveals her secret diet
J.Lo Brings Peace to Puerto Rican Day Parade
Ashlee Simpson Should Be A Stripper
Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillippe work out
Lindsay Lohan: Mystery, Wrapped in Enigma
25 Most Controversial Films
Bai Ling thinks you’re hot
Matt Damon gets his baby
Scary Suzanne Somers
Loved this soccer commercial

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