Celeb crap

Celeb crap
- Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are horrible
- Colin Farrell Is In Love
- Are Jessica Simpson and Jared Leto Dating?
- Denise Richards Is One Scary Pussycat Doll
- So You Think You Can Dance’s Hottie
- Victoria Beckham Baked at Soccer Game
- Britney Spears Breaks Down on Dateline
- K-Fed’s Funk Is Back In Da House
- Paris Hilton’s Gross Stuffed Panties
- Charlie Sheen’s New Girlfriend!
- Henry Rollins on Ann Coulter
- Salma Hayek can date anyone she wants
- Hollywoods Hottest Trend, Orange Women
- Mariah Carey reveals her secret diet
- J.Lo Brings Peace to Puerto Rican Day Parade
- Ashlee Simpson Should Be A Stripper
- Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillippe work out
- Lindsay Lohan: Mystery, Wrapped in Enigma
- 25 Most Controversial Films
- Bai Ling thinks you’re hot
- Matt Damon gets his baby
- Scary Suzanne Somers
- Loved this soccer commercial

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