Linky goodness

Linky goodness
Can Kevin Federline get any creepier? Yes
Nelly Furtado is loads of fun to look at!
Ashlee Simpson has even more plastic surgery
And now Jessica’s all sad and depressed
Mariah Carey’s legs are over priced
Taylor Hicks is an old man
Victoria Beckham is a Cranky Mess
Paris Hilton’s fans attack Pink!
Kirstie Alley’s Paparazzi Water Torture
Stacy Keibler Drunk in Vegas
Elizabeth Taylor on Larry King
Rescue From Summer TV
Eva Longoria: flash or trash?
The Story of Shiloh’s Namibity
Rappers against Oprah
Jude Law jogs in his underwear
Inside the MTV Movie Awards gift bag
Jessica Alba might even make it watchable
Madonna snaps at bored audience member
You’re never too old for a Kmart portrait
Preview Pirates of the Caribbean 2
10 biggest Hollywood chins
6 Beers In 10 Seconds
Happy Birthday FourFour!

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