Linky goodness

Linky goodness
- Can Kevin Federline get any creepier? Yes
- Nelly Furtado is loads of fun to look at!
- Ashlee Simpson has even more plastic surgery
- And now Jessica’s all sad and depressed
- Mariah Carey’s legs are over priced
- Taylor Hicks is an old man
- Victoria Beckham is a Cranky Mess
- Paris Hilton’s fans attack Pink!
- Kirstie Alley’s Paparazzi Water Torture
- Stacy Keibler Drunk in Vegas
- Elizabeth Taylor on Larry King
- Rescue From Summer TV
- Eva Longoria: flash or trash?
- The Story of Shiloh’s Namibity
- Rappers against Oprah
- Jude Law jogs in his underwear
- Inside the MTV Movie Awards gift bag
- Jessica Alba might even make it watchable
- Madonna snaps at bored audience member
- You’re never too old for a Kmart portrait
- Preview Pirates of the Caribbean 2
- 10 biggest Hollywood chins
- 6 Beers In 10 Seconds
- Happy Birthday FourFour!

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