Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern

Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern


After their scandalous turning down of The View recently, The Dixie Chicks took us by surprise with an appearance on Howard Stern this morning. And it was kick-ass! Thought provoking, titillating and incredibly entertaining. Their hour long, uninterrupted segment started with great conversation about their stance against the war, what they’ve been through the last 6 years, the Time article and how they are standing strong!

After a live performance of Landslide, Howard got emotional and spoke of their courage, and stated with deep feeling “I want to thank you for speaking out against the war”. Even Stern show listeners called in with sincere and heart felt support for the Dixie Chicks. One caller commented about Natalie’s open criticism of the war… “I’m in the Army and that’s what we’re fighting for.” Natalie replied that “It is patriotic. I didn’t want people to die for a reason that still hasn’t been proven to us.”

And it turns out Natalie is huge Stern show fan! She and Howard really clicked. She was witty, sexy and an awesome interview. They also played their new single and it’s fantastic. Man these girls rule, they make us realize WHY our country is great and why we need to fight to take it back!

More from the show…

If you listen to the Stern Show you know Howard pursued some interesting sex questions:
Natalie is fully shaved and doesn’t wear underwear.
Martie has had a 3-some with 2 guys!
Martie tried to go without underwear but found she was “too wet”.
Natalie doesn’t have this problem because “she’s a dried up old hag” according to Marty and Emily
Natalie hosted a sex toy party, they all bought lots of stuff.

Country’s Defiant Darlings
Dixie Chicks `Not Ready to Make Nice’

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