Bumbled Bulgari burglary

Bumbled Bulgari burglary
Kevin’s in Rome this week and snapped these photos of a smash and run robbery gone wrong at Bulgari. Funny that these type of failed-thefts happen over and over. Dumb crooks see diamonds on display and think lifting them is as easy as smashing through the window. Hasn’t word gotten out this ain’t working?


Polizia on the scene and more on the story below…


Details on the robbery at Sybarites.org… “Two people smashed the window of the store with crude tools and attempted to steal more than €1 million ($1.26 million) worth of jewelry. The robbers were hindered when they broke through to a security panel of glass which is designed to withstand a sustained gun fire. Once they realized they were unable to access the jewelry they fled on motorbikes.”

Bonus link: Found this cool site that shares our enjoyment of “true criminal stories and dumb crooks news”… DumbCrooks!


Photos by Kevin Thomasson

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