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May 31, 2006

Linky goodness

Linky goodness – Can Kevin Federline get any creepier? Yes – Nelly Furtado is loads of fun to look at! […] Read More

Smash hit

Smash hit The most horrific face plant ever seen on TV, in slow motion, from 3 different angles. The build […] Read More

Vicious Dog Pack Kills Gator In Florida

Vicious Dog Pack Kills Gator In Florida Predator on predator. The animal kingdom can seem cruel at times, but the […] Read More

Scary celebrity clowns

Scary celebrity clowns Put clown make-up on some celebrities, and suddenly their strangeness all comes together. From Worth1000, the latest […] Read More

May 30, 2006

Beyonce’s wet wedgie

Beyonce’s wet wedgie Butt Shot Of The Year Award goes to this photo of Beyonce’s big wet wonderful ass. We […] Read More


Fame-asses – Nelly Furtado and Joss Stone bikini pics! – Angelina and Brad finally have the damn baby – Christina […] Read More

The Law of Spokepersonism

The Law of Spokepersonism People who are designated (by themselves or others) as the “spokesperson” for something are usually the […] Read More

Gay chicks

Gay chicks A sweet story from Towleroad… “A pair of gay male storks and a pair of lesbian storks are […] Read More