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April 11, 2006

Best present ever

Best present ever Do you remember the best present you ever got? Check out this AWESOME video of 2 kids […] Read More

Melanie Griffith: sex symbol turned troll

Melanie Griffith: sex symbol turned troll Anyone else notice that the center of Melanie Griffith’s head is folding into itself […] Read More

April 10, 2006

Hollywood heat – 2

Hollywood heat – Charlize Theron Gets Some Hot Lesbian Action – Paris Hilton sauntering through a huge pile of vomit […] Read More

More than real

More than real Surrealism takes on new meaning as Gallery of the Absurd takes two of today’s most surreal celebrities […] Read More

Vegas flora show

Vegas flora show Chase away the Monday blues with this visual treasure found on Flickr… sets of beautiful photos of […] Read More

Natalie Portman as Mary-Kate Olsen

Natalie Portman as Mary-Kate Olsen Puntabulous plays “Guess the Celebrity” with his wife, Natalie Portman… “Hmmm, paper thin, collapsed under […] Read More

April 7, 2006

Buddy wants a bath

Buddy wants a bath 2 funny things about Buddy & baths… 1) He generally hates the water and won’t swin […] Read More

Star dust – 5

Star dust – Lindsay Lohan hops on the Kabbalah bandwagon – Rosie O’Donnell Wants A Piece Of Naomi Campbell – […] Read More