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April 11, 2006

Best present ever

Best present ever Do you remember the best present you ever got? Check out this AWESOME video of 2 kids ... Read More

Melanie Griffith: sex symbol turned troll

Melanie Griffith: sex symbol turned troll Anyone else notice that the center of Melanie Griffith’s head is folding into itself ... Read More

April 10, 2006

Hollywood heat – 2

Hollywood heat – Charlize Theron Gets Some Hot Lesbian Action – Paris Hilton sauntering through a huge pile of vomit ... Read More

More than real

More than real Surrealism takes on new meaning as Gallery of the Absurd takes two of today’s most surreal celebrities ... Read More

Vegas flora show

Vegas flora show Chase away the Monday blues with this visual treasure found on Flickr… sets of beautiful photos of ... Read More

Natalie Portman as Mary-Kate Olsen

Natalie Portman as Mary-Kate Olsen Puntabulous plays “Guess the Celebrity” with his wife, Natalie Portman… “Hmmm, paper thin, collapsed under ... Read More

April 7, 2006

Buddy wants a bath

Buddy wants a bath 2 funny things about Buddy & baths… 1) He generally hates the water and won’t swin ... Read More

Star dust – 5

Star dust – Lindsay Lohan hops on the Kabbalah bandwagon – Rosie O’Donnell Wants A Piece Of Naomi Campbell – ... Read More