Glamorous links

Glamorous links
Angelina Jolie is People’s Most Beautiful Person
Keira Knightley named the World’s Sexiest Woman
Mandy Moore Doesn’t Like Unlimted Orgasms
Jessica Alba almost looses her dress!
Brad Pitt in The Assassinaton of Jesse James
US Weekly’s Parade of Style Icons 2006
David Hassellhoff is a worldwide attraction
“Her name is Kate now; she’s a child-bearing woman”
Hysterical video proves Paula Abdul is a total nut case
Mariah Carey’s big into MTV pimping
Stripper makes living impersonating Paris Hilton
15 riot vans needed to restrain Snoop Dogg
Jessica Simpson in “Employee of the Month”
Alec Baldwin has turned into a raving madman
Russell and Kimora fukc with our heads
Sandra Berhnard Can Kick Your Ass
Hollywood is like High School
Bride Keg Stand (don’t ask, just click)

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