Glamorous links

Glamorous links
- Angelina Jolie is People’s Most Beautiful Person
- Keira Knightley named the World’s Sexiest Woman
- Mandy Moore Doesn’t Like Unlimted Orgasms
- Jessica Alba almost looses her dress!
- Brad Pitt in The Assassinaton of Jesse James
- US Weekly’s Parade of Style Icons 2006
- David Hassellhoff is a worldwide attraction
- “Her name is Kate now; she’s a child-bearing woman”
- Hysterical video proves Paula Abdul is a total nut case
- Mariah Carey’s big into MTV pimping
- Stripper makes living impersonating Paris Hilton
- 15 riot vans needed to restrain Snoop Dogg
- Jessica Simpson in “Employee of the Month”
- Alec Baldwin has turned into a raving madman
- Russell and Kimora fukc with our heads
- Sandra Berhnard Can Kick Your Ass
- Hollywood is like High School
- Bride Keg Stand (don’t ask, just click)

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