Fame and gory

Fame and gory
- Avril Goes From Sexy Back To Complicated
- When all else fails, Katie Holmes shops
- Papa Joe Simpson: so wrong on so many levels
- Lindsay Lohan is desperate to score Versace
- The scoop on Kiefer Sutherland’s drinking problems
- Brad Pitt got himself a hot Mohawk!
- Nicole and DJ AM to marry & attemp rise to B-list
- A foretelling of Kevin Federline’s bad parenting
- The Pussy Cat Dolls are destroying our youth!
- Damn, the bisexual chick got voted off ANTM
- Jerry O’Connell vs Wilmer Valderrama pimp match
- Jake Gyllenhaal is crossing 7th Avenue right now!
- Can’t get enough of Tom’s Cruisazy talk
- Alicia & Scarlett in The Nanny Diaries
- Nicky Hiltion’s Airbrushed Ass
- Angelina Jolie At Thirteen
- Omarosa’s New Breasts

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