Fame and gory

Fame and gory
Avril Goes From Sexy Back To Complicated
When all else fails, Katie Holmes shops
Papa Joe Simpson: so wrong on so many levels
Lindsay Lohan is desperate to score Versace
The scoop on Kiefer Sutherland’s drinking problems
Brad Pitt got himself a hot Mohawk!
Nicole and DJ AM to marry & attemp rise to B-list
A foretelling of Kevin Federline’s bad parenting
The Pussy Cat Dolls are destroying our youth!
Damn, the bisexual chick got voted off ANTM
Jerry O’Connell vs Wilmer Valderrama pimp match
Jake Gyllenhaal is crossing 7th Avenue right now!
Can’t get enough of Tom’s Cruisazy talk
Alicia & Scarlett in The Nanny Diaries
Nicky Hiltion’s Airbrushed Ass
Angelina Jolie At Thirteen
Omarosa’s New Breasts

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