Fame brings shame

Fame brings shame
Pete Doherty injects heroin into unconscious fan’s arm
Mischa Barton’s cellulite doesn’t make for appealing photos
Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts Give Her Away
Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards war rages on, who u got?
Reese Witherspoon is the Hippest Mom!
Baldwin Brother Daniel Arrested For Cocaine
Jennifer Lopez explains that she’s misunderstood
Tyra Banks is Dating a Drag Queen!
Chloe Sevigny gets thrifty, Eva Longoria talks shit
Sexy B&W Charlize Theron Photoshoot
Time for some Paris Hilton crazy eye!
Avril Lavigne’s favorite finger
Marlee Matlin joining ‘The L Word’
But you knew Nnenna wouldn’t win
Rosie O’Donnell To Join ‘The View’
Kelly Osbourne’s New Man

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