Where my girls at…

Where my girls at…
- Natalie Portman hosting Saturday Night Live
- Siena Miller needs to chill out
- Denise Richards Has Great Taste
- Angelina Jolie finds Brad’s “bimbos’ numbers”
- Red Hot Christina Aguilera
- Night and Day with Sarah Jessica parker
- Is Whitney Pregnant?!
- Tara Reid’s Tummy is Like Curdled Milk
- Clay Aiken strips for the camera!
- Vanna White Thinks She’s A Pussycat Doll
- Eddie Murphy Empties Wallet to Help Hookers
- How Britney Spears stays skinny
- What Have The Girls Been Up To?
- “I HateJennifer Aniston” Post
- Shaq pimps out the Olsen twins
- Jake Gyllenhaal’s shirtless haircut
- Where the girls aren’t!

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