Where my girls at…

Where my girls at…
Natalie Portman hosting Saturday Night Live
Siena Miller needs to chill out
Denise Richards Has Great Taste
Angelina Jolie finds Brad’s “bimbos’ numbers”
Red Hot Christina Aguilera
Night and Day with Sarah Jessica parker
Is Whitney Pregnant?!
Tara Reid’s Tummy is Like Curdled Milk
Clay Aiken strips for the camera!
Vanna White Thinks She’s A Pussycat Doll
Eddie Murphy Empties Wallet to Help Hookers
How Britney Spears stays skinny
What Have The Girls Been Up To?
“I HateJennifer Aniston” Post
Shaq pimps out the Olsen twins
Jake Gyllenhaal’s shirtless haircut
Where the girls aren’t!

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