Waxing the banana

Waxing the banana
The balmy weather in New York City today makes us wax nostalgic for the Slip ‘n Slide days…


The Wet Banana – Just like a Slip and Slide, only the water came out of a yellow sprinkler shaped like a banana

Throw an Insane Party – Slip ’n slide on the roof

More fun Slip ‘n Slide facts and links below…

Impromptu Slip & Slide Party Ruins Stage 5 of Tour De France

The Bandytown “Wet Banana” is a traditional county wide event that has been going on for years. A large water slide created by taking mining tarp and plastic and placing it on a large hill (lots of photos here!)

And this will come as no surprise for anyone who grew up using these… In 1993 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued this warning…

WHAM-O Backyard Water Slides Are Dangerous For Adults And Teenagers (there have been many lawsuits over the years)

The Trademark Blog notes the irony of Wham-O later sueing the makers of the film Dickie Roberts for showing David Spade sliding and crashing) on a SLIP N’ SLIDE.

Original Wham-o Slip ‘n Slide Products

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