Schoolhouse dining

Schoolhouse dining
If you’re looking for a yummy multi-course meal with paired wines, but don’t want to break the bank, check out L’Ecole at The French Culinary Institute. A decadent and leisurely 5 course dinner is a fixed price of $34. Add a selected glass of wine with 4 of the courses for an extra $15. The whole experience is a tremendous bargain…



There are 2 ways you can go, in the earlier dinner hours food is prepared by the instructing chefs, in later hours meals are cooked by the students. Both are good, the menus are well detailed on the official site. The restaurant is roomy, service is nicely paced, wine pours are generous. The food is very good, not exceptional, but very tasty, a little inventive, and fresh. Great reviews at various sites. Spend a night at L’Ecole and live large!

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