Load of dirt – 2

Load of dirt
- Jodie Foster demonstrates an Irish Jig
- Natalie Portman makes out with a monkey
- The deli guy says Brangelina is getting married
- Adriana Lima in insanely hot GQ spread
- Angelina Jolie voted “ultimate girl-on-girl fantasy”
- Paris Hilton is allegedly looking for a new man.
- Liv Tyler hates the skinny jean trend
- Melanie Griffith says she’s an alcholic and drug addict!
- Tom Cruise still freaking about South Park gay episode
- Tori Spelling’s fiance is an Idiot
- Salma Hayek Likes to Be Naked
- Jennifer Love Hewwit Dancing In Her Bra
- Jessica Simpson goes to Washington
- Taylor Hicks to wash that grey right out of his hair
- Celebrity Weightloss Miracles – Before & After Photos
- Carmen and Dave’s Marriage on the Rocks!
- Hookers still get arrested in broad daylight Mary Kate
- Mischa Barton Naked in Next Film
- Joaquin Owns The Night
- Lenny Kravitz & Random Babes
- Britney Gives Parenting Advice
- Jessica Simpson snarling
- Hollywood ToothPicks

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