Load of dirt – 2

Load of dirt
Jodie Foster demonstrates an Irish Jig
Natalie Portman makes out with a monkey
The deli guy says Brangelina is getting married
Adriana Lima in insanely hot GQ spread
Angelina Jolie voted “ultimate girl-on-girl fantasy”
Paris Hilton is allegedly looking for a new man.
Liv Tyler hates the skinny jean trend
Melanie Griffith says she’s an alcholic and drug addict!
Tom Cruise still freaking about South Park gay episode
Tori Spelling’s fiance is an Idiot
Salma Hayek Likes to Be Naked
Jennifer Love Hewwit Dancing In Her Bra
Jessica Simpson goes to Washington
Taylor Hicks to wash that grey right out of his hair
Celebrity Weightloss Miracles – Before & After Photos
Carmen and Dave’s Marriage on the Rocks!
Hookers still get arrested in broad daylight Mary Kate
Mischa Barton Naked in Next Film
Joaquin Owns The Night
Lenny Kravitz & Random Babes
Britney Gives Parenting Advice
Jessica Simpson snarling
Hollywood ToothPicks

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