Cooking in the bathroom with Whitney

Cooking in the bathroom with Whitney
Tons of stories around the net today surrounding the photos of Whitney Houston’s bathroom crack den. We wanted to provide a little PSA on how crack is made to clear up some statements and images in the National Enquirer that may have confused a few people.


The room looks a mess, how can you tell Whitney was cooking crack?
Other than cocaine, there are 4 essential elements in making crack – a spoon, baking soda, water and fire – all can be seen in the photos.

Was Whitney that fukced up that she wasted tons of cocaine and left it strewn around the sink as the article and photos indicated?
We doubt it. It’s common to see lots of baking soda around an area where crack is being made from digging it out of the box and letting it drop indiscriminately. No crack addict is going to throw coke around like that (except Tony Montana.) Even crackheads that have tons of money are always worried about when they’re gonna run out.

Why wouldn’t Whitney just buy crack?
As you might imagine, regular cocaine is easier to score from high end dealers. Buying from street crack dealers is crazy shit. Also, other drugs can be cooked into low end street crack and it’s not as strong as making it yourself.

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