Hooked on Hollywood

Hooked on Hollywood
- Whitney Houston has been on a major crack binge
- On a bad day, Nicollette Sheridan looks like a man
- Sharon Stone and other reasons not to see Basic Instinct 2
- Jessica Simpson’s new look: Porn Star Chic
- Last night’s American Idol scandals!
- Britney on Will & Grace tomorrow night y’all
- Busta Rimes, who we always heard was gay, hates fags
- Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher on a staged date
- How Starbucks Saved Tom Hanks’ Life
- Usher’s “In the Mix” is beyond bad
- Kirsten Dunst in a bathtub makes our eyes burn
- “Homeless, need money for Bragelina baby gift”
- Someone finally shows Britney a mirror
- Enter the world of Rock Bitch!

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