Celebrittata – 7

- Justin Timberlake has no love for K-Fed
- Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow drinks beer and eats raw fish
- Kate Moss rumoured to have ‘adopted’ Lindsay Lohan
- Jessica Simpson is jonesing to be a mother
- Real World In Speedos
- Naomi Campbell Arrested Again
- Brad Pitt’s New Tattoo Mystery
- Star Jones’ Near Death Experience On-Again
- Three 6 Mafia recording tracks with Paris Hilton
- Paris dances on table and shows her thong
- Jlo is desperate to get pregnant
- What ever happened to Kato Kaelin?
- Did Brad dump Jen on Vince?
- Are Russell and Kimora breaking up?
- Rosie disses Star Jones
- The glorification of Mariah

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