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March 31, 2006

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap A magical shot of the east river at night to hold you to Monday… Manhattan bridge from […] Read More
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Star dust – 6

Star dust – Gwyneth Paltrow Just Keeps Drinking – Denise Richards Has Tommy Lee As A Matchmaker – Naomi Cambell’s […] Read More

Waxing the banana

Waxing the banana The balmy weather in New York City today makes us wax nostalgic for the Slip ‘n Slide […] Read More

To Tori’s credit…

To Tori’s credit… …she was great in White Chicks! Photo and punchline 100% ganked from an awesome comment by Andy’s […] Read More

Highest grossing sequel ever

Highest grossing sequel ever Brokeback Mountain 2… From the genius of BlogNYC 36 Brokeback Mountain parody videos! Read More

March 30, 2006

Celebrittata – 7

Celebrittata – Justin Timberlake has no love for K-Fed – Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow drinks beer and eats raw fish – […] Read More

Cooking in the bathroom with Whitney

Cooking in the bathroom with Whitney Tons of stories around the net today surrounding the photos of Whitney Houston’s bathroom […] Read More

Petroglyph street art

Petroglyph street art Buddy admires some “petroglyph” street art in the Lower East Side. Shots of Buddy checking out graffiti […] Read More