Mariah Carey is a complicated and inventive linguist. Thankfully her official website has a dictionary of “Mariahismsso we can understand the deeper meaning behind her favorite terms…

BE GOOD: Two words Mariah ends conversations with.

BING BONG!: Used to quickly end an argument or conversation while still able to be funny

BOO: Mariah’s phrase for people fond of her.

COLLABO: A slight abbreviation for “collaboration”, word usage originated in 1999

ENSEMBLE: Same as “outfit” (e.g. “Do you like the ensemble?”)

PIP!: A phrase used to describe something really cool for example “Those jeans are very Pip!”

STELLAR: A word in place of “great” or “good”

THINGS OF THAT NATURE: A common phrase Mariah uses often meaning “things like that.”

WHY?: Said in a rhetorical sense as if asking “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” Meant to be comical.

YOU LOVE ME: All-purpose, anytime phrase. A greeting, a goodbye, or just something to throw into a pause in the conversation or to interject loudly while someone is speaking.

(Not to be confused with Madamisms!)

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