Freshly scanned

Freshly scanned
Mary J Blige versus Stevie Wonder
Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria are denying rumors
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck take Violet out
Avril Lavigne Blossoms
Katie Holmes Nude Scene Mysteriously Vanishes
Kanye West as Jesus on Rolling Stone magazine.
Benicio Del Toro is Che Guevara
Matthew McConaughey in Details
Buy Bright Eyes’ smashed guitar for charity
Joe Pesci gives fan a knuckle sandwich
Osama’s back in the news. He and Paris should date.
Lindsay Lohan looks good in a bikini
The Dude behind Abercrombie & Fitch is creepy!
Marlon Brando with a cock in his mouth
For all the Anna Kournicova Fans
Nicollette Sheridan & Leif Garrett in 60s Porn Pose
Someone buy Nicole Richie an ice cream
Good stuff for Rupert from Survivor
Some idiot rejects Jessica Simpson
Paris Hilton Sucks
Enough Trump junk already
Revenge of the D-Listers
R.I.P. Chris Penn

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