Mariah Carey has lost her mind

Mariah Carey has lost her mind


Business Week!!? Ha. No, really check out this crazy story from, via ONTD

“During Mariah’s recent stay in Paris, Myself and two of my friends were waiting in the cold in front of her hotel. Late at night, Mariah’s stylist came over to us and stared at the dog called Vicky. She said: “He’s so cute, Mariah will love it!” and asked if she could bring the dog to Mariah’s room. She took my camera and the dog and went to Mariah’s room. 20 minutes later, she came back with two pictures of Mariah playing with the dog. Isn’t she lovely…? “

Click on this box Mariah_carey_big to see a larger picture. We can’t read what’s playing on her iPod, dammit! And what’s up with the mysterious upskirt cellulite?!! God we love her.

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