Fighting is so gay

Fighting is so gay
We were watching The Ultimate Fighter competion one weekend with our girlfriend, and we both turned to each other and said “this is so gay!” The moves, body contact, passion (and hot guys hanging out together in their underwear)…




Check out the Moves and Techniques page, especially the Triangle Choke that forces your opponent to suck your dick.

This awesome article from CollegeHumor makes some good calls – Fighting Is Gay…Literally… “Think about it. You begin by checking some dude out and deciding you want to “go at it”… Next, you walk up to the dude and engage in a little flirtatious fight foreplay… until, ultimately, you’re grabbing each other all over, sweating, screaming and/or moaning.”

And of course there’s the hot Brokeback Mountain wrestling scenes (don’t get us started on pro-wrestling!)

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