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November 2, 2005

Eva on Eva

Eva on Eva we’re not going to beat around the bush on this one… Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes should […] Read More


dreamboy sometimes Buddy looks so sweet and helpless… Read More

Kate Moss ruins it for all of us

Kate Moss ruins it for all of us we’ll be leaving now. photo credit: DrewBic on Flickr Read More

November 1, 2005

Mrs. Woody Allen 2025

Mrs. Woody Allen 2025 we love his old movies, but sadly accepted facts a while back that Woody Allen is […] Read More

star juice

star juice fresh squeezed and loaded with vitamins… – Cute pics of Jennifer Aniston in the new Elle – The […] Read More

new york city fountains

new york city fountains we’re so lucky to be born in our favorite city! from the park fountains we grew […] Read More

must… click… links….

must… click… links… if you make 3 clicks today, let it be these fun photos from SNP: – Dog on […] Read More

Coo-coo for Scientology!

Coo-coo for Scientology! John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston leapt from their seats at a Scientology Gala to do “an […] Read More